Saving Money And More At Direct Vapor

Here are the latest coupons and promo codes from Direct Vapor when they are available. We will be listing all deals and promotions they have:

Direct Vapor, a US vape company, saves vapers money in a number of  ways. And you can be sure savings here have not been provided by selling fakes.

Direct Vapor operates under a strict “no clone” policy. If the box says “SMOK,” it’s a real SMOK product. That is, perhaps, the first way of saving money: by thinking about the future by purchasing an item built to last.

We’ll take a quick look at those methods of saving the client a bit of cash as well as talk about good stuff that people have come to love of Direct Vapor.

Saving Money with Coupons

Paper vouchers have their place, but not in the online shopping realm. Shop and save over the internet with promo codes. A Direct Vapor coupon code can be located on a website that lists general vaping-related coupons. Ask the internet for vapor store coupons and promos or ask for Direct Vapor coupons especially. These are also featured on the firm’s website directly.

A coupon code is a line of numbers and perhaps a word or letters which are typed into a spot at the checkout where Direct Vapor asks for them. As long as your purchase is in line with the code, you will receive a discount. Don’t pay too much attention to “free shipping” offers as shipping is always free when you buy gear from Direct Vapor.

The Nature of Coupons

Most offers are specific. Spend a certain amount, get a discount to a certain value, or receive a percentage off of your bill. Order a product from a particular section and receive a deal. There are usually no dates applied to Direct Vapor deals but sometimes something seasonal will arise, like a Cyber Monday sale. Keep your eyes open during various holidays like Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day: you might be surprised at what crops up.

Save on Shipping

Direct Vapor is generous enough to offer free shipping on all products with no minimum. They even provide free shipping via US post if you have to return something within the 15-day money-back period or to make a warranty claim. Shipping costs make vaping expensive over the long run or inconvenient, since vapers can’t be spontaneous when this extra cost is always being applied. With Direct Vapor, you can buy stuff on a whim and still only pay the cost listed online. An exception is when you sign up for the newsletter, delivered by email, and receive $10 off on orders over $100.

Top Deals

Another benefit is that Direct Vapor has relationships with major companies to be their primary distributor. They are the main seller for a number of companies which has enabled the firm to strike amazing wholesale bargains. Customers get the best of those deals with prices so low, Direct Vapor is confident to publicize a price-matching guarantee.

Sales Online

Moreover, there are sales sometimes at Direct Vapor. On top of everything else, they list a deal of the week which is a good product they want to promote. Direct Vapor lists items in their sale category which, again, are excellent products but overstocked or being superseded by new models. You see it often in the vaping business that R&D departments respond to customer comments and make changes to gear that is good but could be just a little better. Take advantage as a customer and buy items at far lower prices without sacrificing quality and performance.

Direct Vapor Product Selection

When you shop at Direct Vapor, this means you have already become a fairly experienced vaper. The days of cigalikes are well behind you. Vapor production and control is what it’s all about now. You stopped caring about cigarettes a long time ago and started loving e cigs in their own right, not merely as an alternative nicotine delivery device.

Direct Vapor specializes in online sales of advanced equipment including bundles which make shopping easier and cheaper. They also carry an extensive range of e liquids for high-tech tanks with low-resistance and sub ohm coils.

Direct Vapor Gear

The selection of brands here represents top names in advanced, sub ohm vaping. They include Joyetech, Innokin, Tesla, and Wotofo. Their line of authentic brands is always changing because new models are introduced every month or even more often.

The top Chinese manufacturers are coming up with new safety features, more control modes, and a number of gimmicks which customers are interested in. Designs change as new materials are made available to designers.

Tanks have also undergone significant alteration and there is an extensive line of coil options. Try ceramics, Titanium, Nickel 200, or Kanthal. Select Nichrome or stainless steel. Opt for resistance from over 1 ohm to any sub ohm build you like, thanks to the numerous rebuild decks associated with major products.

Search for an all-in-one mod which supplies the vaper with a compact, protected form but still a rebuildable tank with removable coils. Choose a Squonk box which contains a squeezable e juice bottle. Variety at Direct Vapor is fun to browse, even when you already know you want a 150W, TC box mod colored blue.

Direct Vapor E Juice

This menu is wide and represents all the major flavor profiles. Select a nutty, fruity, or tobacco-type e liquid. Go for Ripe Vapes, Cosmic Fog, or Vaporfi. View e juice labels that are relatively new or rely on established favorites that have been around for a few years. Listings include a range of nicotine levels.

Bundles at Direct Vapor

Starter kits are sets developed by a manufacturer. They come with a charger, device, and tank. With Direct Vapor, you can buy a kit designed by the company containing compatible elements but not necessarily from the same manufacturer.

There are often two or three choices of tank for a mod and sometimes e juice as well. Bundles come with the same benefit as a starter kit in that they save the customer money. Items in a bundle cost less than they do individually. Find out what’s new in this area today.

No Gimmicks at Direct Vapor

Between their Deal of the Week, Clearance section, low pricing, and Direct Vapor Coupon Codes, prices are already low. Direct Vapor does not try to entice custom by offering a loyalty program. You buy stuff here for less and enjoy top-rated customer service from an American company. Order exceptional products approved by the company for their quality and safety.

Free shipping makes the process even cheaper and there is no minimum order. There are only order-size stipulations on deals like submitting your email address to receive a newsletter in order to receive $10 off of an order worth $100 or more. A Direct Vapor coupon code may also stipulate limits, but they usually come with no expiry date.

Direct Vapor No Clone Zone

There are many good reasons to shop for vaping equipment at Direct Vapor. For one thing, prices are low. For another, the website is really easy to navigate. Their selection of electronics, e juices, and accessories is desirable and up-to-date. A feature I really like is the “no clone zone” promise.

What is The No Clone Zone?

At Direct Vapor, they do not save you money by selling cheap imitations of gear by SMOK, Innokin, and others. They carry the genuine article. Their “lowest-price guarantee” is inclusive of everything they sell without any gimmicks. The company acknowledges the joy of finding something that looks like the real thing for 50% of the price, but you should think forward; to the day not so far from now when a clone stops working. That day comes all too soon when you buy a clone instead of a brand-name item.

Their stock of products is continually changing, but that does not stop Direct Vapor from acting with vigilance on your behalf. A Sigelei Fuchai 213 will always be the real deal. Ruthless or Tea Co. e juices are exactly that, not re-branded home brew.

Brands live up to particular customer and industry standards. Kanger, Joyetech, and Sigelei do not want their names mixed up with fakes or the consequences of using clones. Direct Vapor and manufacturers like these maintain their reputations by offering quality and backing it with realistic promises.

Promises from Direct Vapor

A guarantee is simply a retail promise that if you don’t like a product, the company will sort you out with spare parts or a new machine. Say you use the device you bought for a month but it suddenly stops working. You did not immerse it in water. It was not left in a sunny spot to overheat. It is clear that the problem started at the manufacturer’s end.

Direct Vapor will replace this faulty machine as per their 60-day warranty. If a part breaks, they will send it out free of charge. The cost of shipping will be covered in both directions using the United States Postal Service. A problem with e juice will be treated in the same way, like a cracked bottle or out-of-date stock.

Should you decide within fifteen days that this was a mistake and you would rather try a different model of vape mod, Direct Vapor allows customers to return products for a refund. Did you know some companies charge to re-stock? Direct Vapor doesn’t hit customers with this charge.

Big Selection

Not only is this a no-clone zone selling authentic, brand-names, but these are sold at low prices and backed by guarantees. Could it get any better? Theirs is an American firm, so you are supporting domestic commerce by shopping with Direct Vapor. Customer service is available by live chat, email, or by phone. You can even mail the company a comment or a long letter of thanks. Caring for customers is something they take pride in.

Use a Direct Vapor coupon code when available and enjoy a truly low-cost introduction to this major vendor. Direct Vapor is one of the top online vape companies in the US, providing free shipping on all orders without any minimums. Now that you have read some of their policies, it’s clear why they are so popular.

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