A Series Of Advances In Vaping

Just a few years ago, when vaping was still relatively new, there were major concerns about safety. A lot of people were blowing their mods up by mistreating them but vape stores and manufacturers got the blame.

There were also concerns about the size and weight of machines owing to the amount of unused space inside. R&D departments got creative and had fun while altering style, shape, and enhancing safety. Many advances occurred in 24 months.

Box Mods

Materials have changed, with the introduction of more carbon fiber and numerous mods made of a light aluminum alloy. Both of these are durable but less hefty than stainless steel. Where wood is used, it’s often an accent so that an item is stylish but not heavy. Lighter mods don’t get as hot, so batteries have less chance of overheating. Smaller batteries with as much power as before contribute to smaller profiles.

Control Chips

This is the essential safety piece responsible for preventing damage or alerting the consumer to problems. A control chip prevents shorting circuits, overheating, low-resistance problems, and low-voltage issues. It also tells the mod what it can and cannot do. Operate in TC mode, Variable Wattage, or Bypass mode. Use Titanium coils or only Nichrome and Kanthal.

New Modes

In the past 24 months, vapers almost expect a mod to feature Variable Wattage and Temp Control by default. Alternatively, a system might also offer options like pass-through vaping, Bypass vaping, or TCR. At one time, VW was “new” and exciting; the premium alternative to VV only.

Screen Shot

OLED screens are most popular for the quality of lighting and display. Most of them measure 0.65 inches, but some are 0.91 inches or even larger. Usually, they occupy one side of a device, but a few sit at the top next to the tank and there are circular items as opposed to rectangles. Smartphone-type mods show graphics on one full face and invite interaction as well as Bluetooth-compatibility.

All-in-One Vaping

Since glass is the preferred e juice container, protecting glass tanks has become a priority. Manufacturers do this by making all-in-one mods. The tank is accessible but sits inside the frame as a means of preventing breakage.