Glossary Of Common Vape Terms

Direct Vapor, like many online vape stores, provides customers with an education in vaping, not only products. They want clients to make informed decisions and are also available in person to answer questions. The following is a short glossary of terms related to vaping.


Electrical resistance is measured in “ohms” and there has to be some form of resistance in order for an electrical item to run safely. The lower resistance drops, the more dangerous an item becomes because power is too high. Coils in RBAs are responsible for creating resistance. Sub-ohm resistance is so low that it is only a fraction of 1 ohm. Vapers choose sub ohm coils and high-watt devices in order to achieve substantial power and big clouds.

Variable Wattage

Most advanced mods feature a button or dial which allows the user to change wattage. This is a measurement of output; how much power is going from the battery to the tank in order to heat e-juice. If it’s variable, a vaper can select a level from 1 watt to more than 200 watts in some cases.

Temperature Control

Alternatively, consumers can choose to set the temperature, usually up to 600°F. When they do this, the machine automatically selects wattage in order to achieve this temperature. Users must install special coils for the mod to allow TC operation. With this setup, a device is usually more efficient than in VW as high-quality coils do not burn as hot.


A rebuildable atomizer comes in three possible formats. One is the standard system with replaceable, pre-built coils. Another offers this setup plus an optional deck for DIY rebuilds. Either of these could be an RBA or an RTA and there is always a tank. With an RDA, one does not have a tank but a shallow well and a mouthpiece to put on and take off. Consumers add e-juice in very small increments and rebuild their coils rather than applying pre-built heating elements.


This is the control panel inside a device. It determines minimum and maximum values of temperature, wattage, and resistance. This is also a form of defense against high or low voltage, overheating, and reversing the battery.